Thursday 26 January 2017

Review: She: Ekla Cholo Re

She: Ekla Cholo Re She: Ekla Cholo Re by Santosh Avvannavar
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

this book gives a bang on message to the society...

"you are what you choose to be"

The author portrayed the story very appealing way the story of kusam; where it shows what she is asked to be and from what she choose to be..
I recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick light read... and also to those who are on a reading slump..

This is such a loveable story choosen by the author

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Sunday 2 October 2016

The Diamond Catle By Shannon Penney

    TITLE       - The Diamond Castle
    AUTHOR   - Shannon penney
    GENRE     -  Fantasy
    PAGES     -  90
    RATINGS  -  5/5 stars


 My view :

I really enjoyed reading this book, a very Quick and fast phased book. Its pretty much an adventure based barbie story which any children between the age 6-10 would definitely love reading.


The story begins where Barbie's little sister Stacie is angry at her best friend Courtney, so then Barbie and her Best friend Teresa decides to tell her a magical story of 2 best friends Liana and Alexa who was bonded over friendship and music. One fine day they find 2 similar looking magical stones and they wish to be friends forever, the stone twinkled they never noticed that.They made chains with  the stone and they happen to go out one day when they saw an old lady Liana and Alexa helps her and in return they were asked to take any antique as a reward , then they pick up a Hand Mirror , later both of them realise that it is a speaking mirror .The adventure begins from there.

Would love to say the entire story but then, i wish to keep it SPOILER FREE , so to find out what happens after that ,  Go grab a copy of this book and boom take a Magical adventure ride  With Alexa and Liana 


Sunday 10 July 2016

Book Review : Sorry Youre Not My Type by Sudeep nagarkar

    AUTHOR   : Sudeep Nagarkar
    GENRE     :  Fiction, Romance
    PAGES     :  199
    RATINGS  :  4.7/5 Stars



I loved this book , it was quick contemprory read.
Me being a die hard fan of Sudeep Nagarkar , this was again a real life incident story. This book had the element of friendship,love,attraction, willpower and determination , the bonds narrated were so strong.
I gave it a 4.7/5 stars though there was nothing that i hated about the book.

Had more to add on to the review but wanted to keep it short, because i appreciate the efforts put by the author, and i would like to keep my Review spoiler free. ( if you want Spoilers ... will post it on request )

I bet this story will be loved by all because it would make you a better and stronger person all together :) 


 The story starts with two friends - Sakshi and Aditya chilling in a pub - Mia Bella, Delhi , a singer in the pub caught Aditya's eye , he figured out that there's some pain inside him and they asked Anuj the Manager of the pub to convince him to have a conversation with them. On Anuj's request the singer agreed to speak to Sakshi and Aditya and they start to converse.


The story begins.

'VAYU' the Official band of Rajhan's College . The singer at mia bar was a member of the 'VAYU' the V - vikranth the drummer.
The story is narrated how the band was formed Yuvi , Anamika, Vikranth , how their bond of friendship developed with promises to make their Band popular , and soon Anamika gets into a relationship with the Rich and popular guy from the college - Anurag , vikranth sees a girl at the metro and falls for her immediately and he decides that she is the love of his life. Yuvi on the other hand has a sweet 4 year old relationship with a cute girl named Khashish, who is the only one who can handle Yuvi.

Vikranth then narrates few other things that happened Anamika and anurag's Breakup , which affected the band performance and how there was a big  fight between yuvi and anamika .Vikranth then decides to sort this out by organising a trip to Daman , and also a chance to propose to sanaya ( Anurag's Ex-Girlfriend) she was the metro girl, Sanaya then accepts his proposal and also the things between yuvi and anamika was also sorted by then, but unfortunately something terrible happens to anamika.

Their lives change from then on , a point where Bonds changed , a few bonds became stronger . While some broke forever .

A very heart warming story with a message to people out there. " Not to trust everyone blindly " 




Saturday 9 July 2016

Book Review : No Time to Pause by Pavithra Ramesh

   AUTHOR  : Pavithra Ramesh
   GENRE    : Fiction, Friendship
   PAGES    :  99
   RATINGS :  4/5 Stars


I loved this book , i finished it in like within a day a very quick and interesting read.
The author pavithra has done justice to the name of the book 'no time to pause'.
The story is about a female protagonist pari, who narrates about her college life where she happens to stay away from her family - dealing with her PG, new environment, friends, college and so on.
She happens to make friends with aditi, Tanya, avi, seema etc. Showed the different conflicts that arise and how strong the bond could get with new people who are no more strangers.


No Time to Pause is a debut novel by Pavithra ramesh. It is a fictional story where the pratogonist pari happens to stay away from her family for her studies in Bangalore, she has to stay in a PG and learn how to face life without her biggest and strongest support system - her family. 

Pari is someone who travelled  to chennai, mumbai, dubai, and bangalore. Her dad is a Deputy Editor of a daily newspaper in Sharjah , her Mom is a teacher by profession.
Now pari has joined a famous Girls college in Bangalore , thus she had to stay in a PG and interact with different people. 
She becomes friend with seema, tanya, avantika, and aditi, they gel on well .Pari gets more close to aditi - aditis different philosophies impress her and they quickly bond.
If theres friendship , fights and misunderstandings are definite to happen .
So pari narrates her college life , how she was before coming to banglore, and how she is now after passing out of college become a strong and determined woman to face anything in life when.

I really loved the bond between aditi and pari , a very strong bond develops between them and that level of comfort and friendship was cute.
It clearly showed how a typical college life would be with different kinds of friends around and on happening of different situations.
I loved how aditis story was said .
I also loved the writing style was more lik casual talks (which I prefer)

It had more of aditi's story than that of the protagonist pari. I expected more of pari's story ( i loved it though).
There were few editing mistakes.

When the protagonist pari met this guy named Reyan , I expected the story might develop with pari liking this guy , and things go on from there.(It would have been cute). or something which involves fun college scenes.

I loved the book sooooo much that I wanted few more pages :( THE book ended in no time

Sunday 5 June 2016


  AUTHOR  :  Preeti Shenoy
  GENRE    :  Fiction,Romance
  RATINGS :  5/5 Stars



I loved this book, i enjoyed reading it,it had lots of emotions in it, it had not only emotions like love and hatred but also emotions like sadness, shock,jealous and things like that.

I loved the character of Aryan because though he is just 15 years old he was so mature the way he speak and take decisions. I also loved the character of Manav one of vee's friend ,he was very supportive throughout proving to be a good friend at good and bad stages of life.

I hated the character of Dr.saurabh he was so wierd as he becomes informal one time,when vee message him he does not respond for days and he becomes formal again which i did not like.

I recommend this book for all those who love pets ,who likes to feel the roller coaster ride of being a single parent and face many things in life which happens too soon.


The story begins with the hospital in plot  where Vipasha is coping with her pregnancy and the irony is that She is just 18 years old !!!!! YESSS ….. breaking ties with her family and Ankush- the man whom she was in love with.
Now 16 years later,Vipasha(Vee to her friends) is a mom of a 15 year old son – Aryan, she has two unusual careers – she runs a Dog boarding service – Paw Factor, and is also a gym instructor. Vee shares a real strong bond with her son, he is a very understanding and a supportive son.He hopes that her mom will soon find her prince charming.There is Suchi, her best friend – her soul sister who tries to set up dates for vee, to find her prince charming.

One day unfortunately something unforeseen happens to the dogs, 2 dogs are dead while 3 are in critical condition they are taken to the hospital.Vee and Aryan are very much attached to the dogs and they feel terribly bad about it,things happen and the news reporters publish the negative news about Paw Factor and paw factor comes to an end , when the owners come and withdraw the services.To break free from all this Dr.saurabh  and vee exchange informal talks – about her past.Vee has a secret crush on saurabh. Vee tells about her past.

She says how Sixteen years ago she met Ankush in a ice cream parlour in kerala( where she spent all of her vacations in suchi’s house ).she was comfortable talking with Anjush all the while, they met in kerala twice, he kissed on d last date.It was clear both had feelings for each other.Then Ankush left for Mumbai to finish his course ,suchi and vee back to their convent , vee would mail him every now and then.Later on they happen to meet many times in Mumbai, she also gets to meet Ankush’s friend Manav,they get quite close and vee chat with manav and suchi everyday.On vee’s  18th Birthday they make love , and they made love whenever they met.She gets pregnant one day when she confronts her mom and ankush, she was asked to abort the baby ,But vee was determined to have the baby and grow her kid single parented. That’s how Aryan entered her life.Vee’s Dad was a support came to visit Aryan whenever he could.Manav  was also a great support in vee’s life, he always says to vee “it happens for a reason”

One fine day Ankush returns to vee’s life.Aryan email’s to ankush,and he turns up and they meet,Aryan gets all excited about meeting his Dad for the First time and goes  “dad” every time making vee jealous.Then when after a week Aryan happens to go for his school trip and a news strikes on TV , few kids are washed away from a river bank , where Aryans school has gone for trip .It was a shock for everyone connected with Aryan – Vee, Ankush ,Suchi , Manav .The shock is too much and decided no more to wait instead fly to the spot, during this journey Vee gets to know the new ankush better.Now she accepts him as her son’s Dad.

Later after great struggle they get to know Aryan is safe in a hospital.Everyone is relieved and later when they flee back everyone rejoices  and yes “it happens for a reason” , vee and ankush has a stronger bond now they decide to get married ….

Sunday 29 May 2016

REVIEW: The One You Cannot Have by Preeti Shenoy

  TITLE :The One You Cannot Have
  AUTHOR:Preeti Shenoy
  GENRE: Fiction
  RATINGS:4.5/5 Stars


I enjoyed reading this book,i gave it a 4.5 stars the content was a little dragging in between which i did not like much... But i really liked the writting style. I like the character of Anjali, the author kept her character lively and interactive, But i did not like Shruthi as a character,i just could not relate to her character it wasnt lively..Overall a good story
i recommend this for a contemporary read
P.S : it has like just 20% of romance in it.

How can someone get over a broken heart ?? Is it that easy to get over someone who disappeared one day who meant the whole world to you with promises to stay together forever ??
This story has three main characters Aman, Shruthi, and Anjali….The story is about the lives of these three characters

Aman’s story is about Aman and his healing heart , aman finds it difficult to move on over shruthi- the Girl who meant everything to him, the girl whom he could sacrifice anything for, the girl who was his whole world.He struggles to move on after 2 years of she leaving his life.Aman leaves for india for his job.

Shruthi’s story is introduced with her husband Rishabh and family asking her to have  a baby, but she refuses as she feels not yet ready to become a become ,the real fact is she is yet not over Aman.Coming days Shruthi and rishabh do not speak to one another …Because Rishabh finds out something about shruthi and this goes on later on shruthi’s in laws visit their house and things happen.

On the other hand Anjali, a column writer for ‘tiara’  magazine, is a cheerfull bubbly girl,who had met aman once through Dipika (Aman’s Boss wife), she is being forced in her home to see a guy and get married, but Anjali has developed feelings  for aman, they decide to meet up.Aman and Anjali meet every now and then.Anjali wants to get married to aman,she confess her feeling for aman,he is not sure of moving on with Anjali.Aman’s Mind says to move on with  Anjali, but shruthis shadow still follows him, and then theres a small blow….. Will that affect Amans life again ? Will aman move on ?

Will Aman’s broken heart be healed ??

Saturday 21 May 2016

REVIEW: The Grownup by Gillian Flynn

TITLE: The Grownup
AUTHOR:Gillian Flynn
RATING: 4.5/5 stars

 One of the best book I ever read to be honest,absolute page turner though a quick read.

It has a curiosity raising and attention grabbing start.Every page has a surprise element ,Hats-off to the creative thinking and out of box way of writing an extra ordinary short story.She has written the story such that each moment you wonder “whats next..??”.Gillian nailed it. 
The story starts with the introduction of a young women who basically works as a receptionist for spiritual palms (running an illegal soft-core sex work in the back ).she introduce herself as a vision specialist to those women who come out there expecting a real fortune teller .

One day the young women gets a client who says he is ‘mike audley’ and he loved books he was a fan of “classic stories of the supernatural” and he recommended books to her as well like “the haunting of hill house”, “the woman in white”, since she loved reading too,they even made a private book club. She had to leave because someone else was waiting for her – ‘Susan Burke’,she has come to meet the vision specialist, they have a conversation and says there’s something wrong happening at her house .the young women asks her questions,susan has a stepson- she is asked if the problem at home is caused due to his stepson,susan pays her and leave the place.

  Four days later,susan visit the young women again asking “can things have auras.?”three days later “do you believe in evil spirits.? “and the next day.Susan says her stepson ‘Miles’ was never a sweet person and that he often troubled her and her son and they feel something’s wrong with him ,supernatural things seem to happen .The young women who does not believe in exorcism or supernatural,starts to believe in it when she feels that she’s being watched,every second in carterhook manor.

The story takes off in a breathtaking way,where we find ourselves deeply involved in reading,to know whats next out of curiosity.